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As a director, I fully embrace the idea of theatre as a collaborative art. I work toward fostering trust with designers, technicians, and actors to allow them to have a voice in the process while maintaining a unified creative vision throughout the production.

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The Glass Menagerie

2011 - Focused on memory, this production allowed designers to explore the emotional aspects of this masterpiece.

Benedictine College

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All My Sons

2016 - A thrust configuration placed the audience in the middle of this intense drama.

Southwest Baptist University

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Six Characters in Search of an Author

2016 -  Steve Moulds' innovative adaptation of Pirrandello's classic play focused on highlighting the role of theatricality in storytelling.

Southwest Baptist University

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The Bald Soprano

2018 - The absurdist genre was on full display in this production which focused on time and its limitations.

Southwest Baptist University

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You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

2019 - The bright, colorful world of Clark M. Gessner's musical came right out of the comic strip in this production.

Southwest Baptist University

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Into the Woods

2022 - Focusing on the shared community of nostalgic Americana and using abstracted ideas of the woods, this musical allowed the audience to fully experience Sondheim's masterpiece.

Southwest Baptist University



2020 - This reimagining of Shakespeare's Hamlet utilized cross-gendered casting and was set in 1920s New Orleans. Mardi Gras was used to justify the use of masks during this COVID performance.

Southwest Baptist University


The Pirates of Penzance

2022 - The playfully silly story of a misfit band of pirates was on full display through colorful costumes and hair designs. Youth and childish play were at the core of the concept for this light hearted production of the classic operetta.

Southwest Baptist University


Dance on Bones

2023 - A deep and dynamic exploration of life and adversity, this original play by David White is described as a Jazz Libretto. Featuring a live jazz combo this production was performed in the round with the audience randomly selecting the order of the scenes each night.

Southwest Baptist University

DoB-70 - Copy.jpg

12 Angry Jurors

2023 - How is a person's guilt decided? This production of the well known drama explored personal responsibility as well as gender fluidity. The concept of an individuals power and responsibility to effect change was a highlighted theme.

Truman State University

Scenic and Lighting Design: Brad Carlson

Costume Design: AP Pikiben

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