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Jonathan Wehmeyer. Artist and Scholar.

It has been my pleasure to work within academia as an artist-scholar for over a decade. I love working in the theatre and getting to help young artists develop their knowledge, skill, and love of acting, directing, design, dramaturgy, history, and theory.

Learner-centered practices are at the core of my teaching, and understanding theatre as a liberal art and how it can and should fit within higher education are at the core of my research.

I have taught a wide range of courses and I love how the different areas of theatre work together to create true and powerful expression. During my academic career I have directed over sixteen productions, designed for over ten, and have produced almost fifty individual productions.

In the twenty-first century, diversity and advocacy has come to the forefront in all areas of theatre. I feel passionately about understanding and providing inclusivity and advocacy for all people in theatre. In my production practices, I seek to achieve this through employing Viewpoints and Boal's theories and approaches in the Theatre of the Oppressed. The power and agency that applied theatre practices bring to involvement and engagement are cornerstones of my artistic practice.

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